Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Outfits for the Home opener


During the winter months, I found a few yards of baseball fabric (c. 1992) at the thrift shop.

IMG_8353 IMG_8354

I used a small amount of the Toronto Blue Jays fabric to stitch up some popover sundresses for the dolls.  The hats are the mini 8 oz.  ice cream / snack bowls.  I punched a tiny hole and added thin elastic so they would be secure.  They look like batting helmets!  The mini bat and ball are from a keychain.  All set to cheer on our favourite team: “Go Jays Go!”


I have had a few questions about the opening day wreath I posted on Instagram.


I have seen several variations of these wreaths floating around on Pinterest. I did not have enough baseballs, so I used 7 old softballs from the thrift shop.   I needed to buy an extra long drill bit.   I drilled each ball and threaded through bendable wire (roughly the same thickness as a coat hanger).  I rested each ball on a paint can to drill through it.

IMG_8208 I hot glued one of the mini ice cream bowls and added a ribbon. 


Here is one of my favourite photos of Hope at the Jays (v. Cincinnati) exhibition game in Montreal  (at the Olympic Stadium) on the Saturday during Easter Weekend. Instead of the grapefruit league, we call the pre-season games in Montreal the poutine league.  She loves to wear her game day jersey. I paid just 2$ at the thrift shop but it is favourite jersey.  She lost a tooth the day before the game.


Finally, here is a photo from last night’s Home Opener at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.  There was lots of energy in the sold out crowd.  We were sitting high up in the last row behind home plate so we had a good view of the flag during the pre-game ceremony (the Jays ultimately fell to the Tampa Bay Rays 2-1). 


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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pysanky with natural dyes


Last evening, I participated in a pysanky workshop hosted by the Kosa Kolektiv using all natural dyes. The dyes were made from tumeric, onion leaves, walnut, red cabbage, and beets.

IMG_8303 IMG_8304

The design is created by applying a heated beeswax.  The tool for applying the wax is called a kitsa.   After the design is applied, the eggs is submerged.  Natural dyes take longer to adhere than commercial dyes and the intensity of the dye is far less opaque.


After the egg is dyed, the beeswax is removed  by rubbing the egg with oil and then heating the surface of the egg with a candle.


The instructors brought in so many beautiful examples of their pysanky.  Some of the eggs were etched with a vinegar solution – you can see the texture in the egg below.





I have not mastered applying the beeswax so the design of my eggs was (ahem) simple compared to the inspiration eggs. I definitely need more practice. 


I recently found the eggs, below, at a thrift shop. They are wooden eggs.  When Michaels was having a sale I picked up at least a dozen unpainted wooden eggs. I think my next pysanky attempt will be using wooden eggs (mistakes can be easily repainted!).


Thanks for stopping by and for those celebrating, I wish you a joyous Easter and Passover celebrations!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Cartoon Love: Charles Schulz Museum


When we were in California over March Break, we had a chance to visit the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa.  Lily has been involved in a “quiet cartooning club” this school year and loves graphic / cartoon novels so I was glad we could include a visit to this gem of a museum.


This amazing mural is created by Yoshiteru Otani. It is composed of 3,588 ceramic tiles of cartoon strips published between 1956 to 1988. The cartoon tiles are placed in such a way that the dark cells compose the secondary football scene.


Below, you can see a close up of the tiles as found in the restrooms.

IMG_8127 The museum has an excellent collection of Peanuts memorabilia and history of Schulz’s influences.






Schulz’s studio has been recreated, below:


Upstairs, is a large studio and educational centre. Children are encouraged to work on cartoon strips and this month’s project: cute dog house origami, pictured below.




IMG_8162 IMG_8163 Next to the museum is an ice rink “Snoopy’s Home Ice” (above right) and a well stocked gift shop. The shop stocks a number of interesting items from Japan and a fabulous selection of all things Peanuts-related, including t-shirts, fabric, banners, and even a sewing machine.


IMG_8156 IMG_8157 IMG_8158 IMG_8159 IMG_8160

At the museum, I picked up this catalog from amp! comics “Teaching With Comics” (a guide for parents, teachers, and librarians).  There are a number of new titles being released in 2015, including Woodstock: Master of Disguise in late April.  In addition, the new Peanuts movie will be released in November 2015 (!)snoopyamp snoopyamp2

It is a great museum to visit - especially if you are a Peanuts lover and/or a budding cartoonist. 


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